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  Sustainable Tourism Development
Tony Charters is an expert advisor in sustainable infrastructure development. He was responsible for environmental planning and management of the $100m Kingfisher Bay Resort & Villages project on Fraser Island.
His strong commitment in the ecotourism industry ensured the application of ecotourism and sustainable design principles.
Within the Brisbane Forest Park, he completed a major infrastructure project, the Northbrook Parkway which offers facilities and develops the road-based tourism.


Kingfisher Bay Resort and Villages
Kingfisher Bay Resort is located on Fraser Island in south-east Queensland. The island is approximately 180,000 ha in area; around 185 km long and varies in width from 14 to 22 km.
The island is renowned for its huge sand dunes, sand blows, over forty freshwater lakes and its rich bird life.
Tony Charters was an expert advisor for the development and the implementation of the $100m Kingfisher Bay Resort and Villages project. This was a pioneering enterprise in the infant ecotourism market of 1991 and has won, and continues to win major state, national and international tourism and environmental awards for its innovative and highly successful enterprises.
As Director of Environmental Management for 5 years, Tony conceived and developed the ecotourism enterprises of the business including multi million dollar turnover 4WD day tours, whale watching, sailing and walking tours, and the ecotourism approach to business.
Kingfisher Bay Resort and Village is now highly awarded for its integrated ecotourism property, comprehensive planning and design processes.
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  - Kingfisher ranger guided tours
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Kingfisher Bay - Resort
Built in harmony with its surroundings, Kingfisher Bay Resort provides general services and activities, including bars, restaurants, swimming-pools, spa, tennis courts, beauty therapy and massage, 4WD hire, a child care centre and junior eco-rangers program. There is a huge choice of activities, including whale watching, walks, rainforest treks, dolphin cruises and water activities. Conference facilities are available, too.
To ensure that Kingfisher Bay was an integrated ecotourism property, a comprehensive planning and design process was developed.
Kingfisher Bay Resort and Village offers a wide range of accommodation for everyone, from a multi-share lodge to luxury villas and hotel rooms.
Kingfisher Bay Resort and Village includes 152 room hotel, 110 residential villas and a 120 bed wilderness lodge.
To ensure that Kingfisher Bay resort met its obligations as an ecotourism resort, there were several key practices which were adopted.
Including in those key design:
- all buildings were limited to two levels with exterior colours blend with the natural bush colours
- Company policy specified that local materials and personnel should be used to the greatest extent possible.
- landscape treatment of the site used all local endemic species from the actual site and surrounding island environs.
- The hotel centre complex was designed without air-conditionning. Natural convection currents are utilised to save an estimated 500,000 kw hours of energy each year.
  - All solid waste is compacted and transported off the island for mainland disposal.
  - Tertiary sewage treatment is undertaken.
Kingfisher Bay has undertaken a wide range of monitoring activities to ensure that systems are functioning and that the ecosystem is continuing to sustain itself.
Those monitoring activities include small mammal capture, tag and release programs; identification and monitoring of bats, birds and frogs and monitoring of walking trail and road conditions.
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Kingfisher Bay - Interpretive program
Kingfisher Bay adopted a similar approach to communication as that adopted by protected area management agencies. This includes interpretation and education, liaison with local interest groups and consultation. Over twenty full-time tertiary trained interpretive rangers are employed by the resort to provide face-to-face interpretive program.
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Kingfisher Bay - Ranger Guided tours
In summary, the activities include:
  - guided walks on a range of themes such as frogs, bats, littoral zones…
  - guided whale watching marine tours operated with a marine biologist
  - junior ranger program, a series of environmental activities suitable for children 4-14 years
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Kingfisher Bay - Whale watching
Humpback Whales visit Hervey Bay on their migration south to the Antarctic in August, September and October. Kingfisher Bay operates daily whale watching cruises under the interpretive guidance of a marine biologist. Whale watching codes of practice consistent with Advanced Level Ecocertification are followed.
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Kingfisher Bay - Self Guided tours
Two interpretive tracks offer the possibility of self-guided interpretation. This allows guests to move at their own pace and at a time that suits their individual needs. One track follows through the wallum swamplands, and the other one through a range of forest types, geological and cultural features.
Interpretive displays, publications and videos are utilised to expose guests to the range of values occurring on Fraser Island. These communication tools include a beach driving video for people hiring 4WDs, which includes an environmental code of practice; a comprehensive information booklet on the island, produced in six foreign languages; a room tag encouraging guests to conserve and resources…
Kingfisher Bay has been awarded international, national, state and regional awards since it has been operated. For example, it has been awarded the 2004 and 2005 Australian Tourism Award for Ecotourism; the 2004 Fraser Coast South Burnett Tourism Awards for Excellence - Environmental Tourism, the 2004 Queensland Tourism Award for Environmental Tourism; the 2002 Fraser Coast South Burnett Tourism Awards for Excellence – Restaurants and the 2001 Australian Tourism Awards for Environmental Tourism.
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Infrastructure Project

Northbrook Parkway

Tony Charters was closely involved in the development of the Brisbane Forest Park activities, programs and attractions in the formative years of the park 1982-1988.
Northbrook Parkway, a major tourism and recreation initiative was the first major infrastructure project that Tony became involved with.
The Northbrook Parkway commences at Mt Glorious and links the Brisbane Forest Park with the eastern shore of Lake Wivenhoe, across the D’Aguilar National Park.
It offers a wide range of recreation experiences between the park and Lake Wivenhoe including lookouts, picnic sites, walking tracks and trails.
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