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  Tourism, Policy, Planning & Development  
Strategic thinking is one of Tony’s strengths; he has formal strategic planning qualifications (Master of Urban and Regional Planning, UQ).
Tony played a leadership role in the development of the major policy and planning projects as part of Tourism Queensland.
Since 1999 as Executive Director of the Policy, Planning and Development of Tourism Queensland he contributed to a wide range of initiatives.
  As Board member of the Wet Tropics Management Authority, he conceived and chaired steering committees for the development and implementation of strategic plans.  

Tourism Queensland

Tourism Queensland is Australia’s most progressive destination management organisation. Tourism Queensland is a statutory authority of the Queensland government established under the Tourism Queensland Act 1997.
Tourism Queensland aims to enhance the development and marketing of Queensland’s tourism destinations in partnership with industry, government and the community.
Tony Charters was Director of Environmental Tourism department from 1997 to 1999 and took part in the implementation of the 1997 Queensland Ecotourism Plan; ecotourism industry development initiatives; ecotourism research initiatives; ecotourism certification development and support; tourism business facilitation. He provided policy and strategic advice on environmental tourism and implemented the environmental tourism initiatives of the Queensland Tourism Strategy
From 1999 he was the executive Director of the Policy, Planning and Development of Tourism Queensland and managed the development of:
  - Queensland Cruise Shipping Plan  
  - Strategy for Growing Tourism  
  - Destination Management Planning  
  - Regional Tourism Activity Monitor - RTAM  
  - Queensland Ecotourism Plan 2003-2008  
  - Self-help Publications  
  - Ecotourism Research  
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Queensland Cruise Shipping Plan ////////////////////////////////////////////////

Tony led the development and the implementation of the Queensland Cruise Shipping Plan.
The Queensland Cruise Shipping Plan aims to develop the cruise industry in Queensland.
This is a joint initiative between Tourism Queensland and the Department of State Development.
This plan provides a list of the strategies and actions required for the sustainable development of the cruise industry in Queensland and details the economic benefits expected by its implementation for the tourism industry as well as for other industries and communities in Queensland.
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Strategy for Growing Tourism //////////////////////////////////////////////// /////////////////////////////////////

The Queensland Government Strategy for Growing Tourism outlines the broad strategic for developing sustainable tourism in Queensland and emphasising the Queensland Government’s commitment to the tourism industry.
After an analysis of government impacts on tourism, this publication develops an action plan concerning Infrastructure and Services; The Environment; Market Trends and Government leadership and Coordination.
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Destination Management Planning///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Destination Management Plans are a guiding tool for the development of tourism strategies and business plans in Queensland’s key tourism destinations.
There are twelve Destination Management Plans across Queensland. The plans include a general section, an analysis of the destination and a strategic vision for each area.
The Destination Knowledge Bank, on the Tourism Queensland website provides update research, policies, plans and strategies for the twelve Queensland’s destinations:
Brisbane; Bundaberg; Central Queensland; Fraser Coast; Gold Coast; Mackay; Outback; South East Queensland Country; Sunshine Coast; Townsville; tropical North Queensland and Whitsundays.
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The Regional Tourism Activity Monitor - RTAM//////////////////////////

The RTAM is a pioneering program that provides industry and government with timely statistics on the performance of industry sectors within each region on a monthly basis. Individual operators can track their own performance against the benchmark established by their peers. Tourism Queensland’s research department developed this innovative program – the envy of industry and government in all other States;
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Queensland Ecotourism Plan 2003-2008/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Tony led the implementation of the 1997 Queensland Ecotourism Plan and review and launch of the 2003-2008 Queensland Ecotourism Plan
This publication presented the vision and policy for the future of ecotourism in Queensland.
The plan aims to provide a framework for planning, managing and marketing of Queensland’s ecotourism industry to ensure ecotourism in Queensland is ecologically, economically, socially and culturally sustainable.
The Queensland Ecotourism Plan 2003-2008 presents an updates vision and definition of ecotourism contained in the 1997 Queensland Ecotourism Plan.
Since 1997, there has been a continual process of enhancement due to the development of ecotourism industry and experiences.
Today Queensland is recognised as a global leader in ecotourism.
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Self-help Publications////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Through the Tourism Queensland Sustainable Tourism Department, Tony led the development of a wide range of industry self-help publications.
These publications are useful for tour operators, students, protected area managers, academics, local/state government agencies and community groups and are available for purchase from Tourism Queensland or telephoning (+61) 7 3535 5442.
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Ecotourism Research////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Tourism Queensland led Ecotourism research aimed at improving knowledge of the ecotourism industry. It provides publications useful for tour operators, students, protected area managers, academics, local/state government agencies and community groups.
These publications are available for purchase from Tourism Queensland or telephoning (+61) 7 3535 5442.
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Wet Tropics Management Authority///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

The Wet Tropics Management Authority manages the 900,000 ha world heritage area which lies between Townville and Cooktown on the north-east coast of Queensland.
In 1997, Tony Charters was appointed one of the five Directors of the Wet Tropics Management Authority Board as the Commonwealth nominee. He was re-appointed for another term in December 2000.
As part of the Wet Tropics Management Authority, Tony Charters:
• Initiated and chaired the steering committee for Nature-based Tourism Strategy for the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area.
• Conceived and chaired the steering committee to develop the Wet Tropics Tourism Marketing Plan, recognising the role tourism can play in heritage management – the first marketing plan for a World Heritage Area to be undertaken – globally
  • Chaired the Tourism Industry Liaison Group which met quarterly.  
Due to the complex land tenure, government agencies are actively involved in managing the Word Heritage Area. The Wet Tropics Management Authority is responsible for overall planning to ensure the protection of this breathtaking part of Queensland.
The Authority’s activities cover a wide range of field including policy and planning; research and monitoring; funding; education and interpretation; involvement of Aboriginal communities and threat abatement.
Eco Tourism Consultant Tourism Consultant Marketing Consultant Ecotourism Sustainable Tourism Destination Development Recreation Concept Design Advocacy and Stakeholder Engagement Public Private Partnership Development Market Research Analysis Social Economic Impact Assessment World Heritage Protected Areas Conservation  
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