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Marketing and Communications

Tony has been involved in media and marketing throughout his career commencing with his role as Information Officer with the Queensland Department of Forestry in 1980. In 1981 Tony was invited to take on the role of media manager for the Commonwealth Games Foundation. In his role at the Brisbane Forest Park Authority he was responsible for marketing and media, including the marketing of several tourism products – a tour operation, a restaurant and a wildlife attraction. From 1991-1996 Tony worked in partnership with the Marketing Department of Kingfisher Bay Resort to present the ecotourism credentials of the resort and its tour products. He was responsible for media management and was a frequent media commentator on sustainable tourism matters nationally. Tony also played a key role in the development of tourism related brand, theme and logo development related to the Wet Tropics Tourism Marketing Plan – which was the first marketing plan for a World Heritage Area to be undertaken globally.

Taking advantage of Tony’s domestic and international network and associates, Tony Charters and Associates is well placed to provide a range of media services and tailored marketing plans - particularly with respect to niche market development and nature based tourism products. Recent Tony Charters and Associates projects include:

  Marketing Media Audit

Marketing Media Audit
Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority 2006


Aim: Determine how the Great Barrier Reef (GBR) experience is being “sold” by reef tourism operators. Provide a benchmark upon which to build bi-annual audits of tourism promotional material and identify potential compliance (education) targets.

Services: Conduct a quantitative audit of tourism operator brochures distributed along the Great Barrier Reef Coast. Assess images and activities used to sell tourism in the GBR and information being presented about the GBR World Heritage Area; GBRMPA management messages, and the Environmental Management Charge.

Tony Charters and Associates