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  Tourism in World Heritage Areas  
Through his considerable experience across protected area management and tourism, Tony Charters served on the management boards of the:
- Wet Tropics Management Authority - The authority responsible for managing the 900,000 ha Wet Tropics.
- Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority Consultative Committee – An independent advisory body which represents a wide range of interests in the Great Barrier Reef.
- Fraser Island Management Committee – The managing authority the Fraser Island World Heritage Area.

Wet Tropics Management Authority

The Wet Tropics Management Authority manages the 900,000 ha world heritage area which lies between Townville and Cooktown on the north-east coast of Queensland.
In 1997, Tony Charters was appointed one of the five Directors of the Wet Tropics Management Authority Board as the Commonwealth nominee. He was re-appointed for another term in December 2000.
As part of the Wet Tropics Management Authority, Tony Charters:
• Initiated and chaired the steering committee for Nature-based Tourism Strategy for the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area.
• Conceived and chaired the steering committee to develop the Wet Tropics Tourism Marketing Plan, recognising the role tourism can play in heritage management – the first marketing plan for a World Heritage Area to be undertaken – globally
  • Chaired the Tourism Industry Liaison Group which met quarterly.  
Due to the complex land tenure, government agencies are actively involved in managing the Word Heritage Area. The Wet Tropics Management Authority is responsible for overall planning to ensure the protection of this breathtaking part of Queensland.
The Authority’s activities cover a wide range of field including policy and planning; research and monitoring; funding; education and interpretation; involvement of Aboriginal communities and threat abatement.
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Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority Consultative Committee

Under the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Act 1975, the Consultative Committee is an independent advisory body for both the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority and the Commonwealth Minister for the Environment.
The Great Barrier Reek Marine Park Authority plays a leading role in the management of the Great Barrier Reef, protecting the natural qualities of this World Heritage listed and providing reasonable use of the Reef Region.
The Committee represents a wide cross-section of interests including:
  - Tourism industry,
- Fishing industry,
- Science and research,
- Conservation interests,
- Local governments and
- Aboriginal communities.
The Committee advises on the development and implementation of strategic and management plans especially to include the range of stakeholders’ perspectives.
Tony Charters was involved as member of the Great Barrier Reef Advisory Committee for three years due to his experience in Protected Area Management and Ecotourism. He advised on such issues such as tourism policy development and tourism research and monitoring.
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Fraser Island Management Committee

The Fraser Island Management Committee oversees the implementation of the management plan for Fraser Island.
Inscribed on the World Heritage list, Fraser Island is the world’s largest sand island of over 180, 000 hectares. Its outstanding sands dunes are still evolving, representing significant ongoing ecological and biological process.
Tony served as a Board member of the Fraser Island Management Committee from 2000 to 2004. He has been actively involved with indigenous communities while managing protected area and tourism developments.
He was a leader in the native title negotiations on Fraser Island and proactively worked with indigenous leaders on issues such as indigenous employment, the interpretation of indigenous heritage and the involvement of indigenous people in protected area management and tourism.
As board member, he took part in the development of management plans to promote best practices and protection of the island’s outstanding natural and cultural values.
  - Draft Management Plan for the Walking Track system on Fraser Island:  
  - Fraser Island World Heritage Area Camping Management Plan  
  - Risk Assessment – Risk to Humans Posed by the Dingo Population on Fraser Island  
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Draft Management Plan for the Walking Track system on Fraser Island
This plan aims to provide the framework for development of a system of walking tracks on Fraser Island and to establish a process for the development, maintenance and monitoring of the walking tracks on Fraser Island.
Walking tracks provide a wide range of experiences for a board range of types and levels of walkers.
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Fraser Island World Heritage Area Camping Management Plan
The Fraser Island World Heritage Area Camping Management Plan was prepared specifically to reduce the environmental impacts of camping.
It includes some discussions and recommendations including efforts to reduce camp fire impacts, establish a zonal system for beach camping, upgrade the campsite booking system, enhance hikers’ camping opportunities, provide access for users of campervans, caravans and camper trailers…
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Risk Assessment – Risk to humans posed by the Dingo population on Fraser Island
This risk assessment is in direct response to the threat posed by dingoes to human safety.
It provides direction for the immediate management of dingoes on Fraser Island and should be considered as complementary to the Fraser island dingo Management Strategy which presents strategies for managing dingoes on Fraser Island.
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