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  Climate Change
Tony Charters and Associates reduces carbon emissions by:
utilising smart transport  
  • purchasing from local suppliers is encouraged to reduce transport
  • employees use public transport, bicycles, motorbikes or travel to work on foot
  • phone and video conferencing is utilised if at all possible
  • our organisation endorses remotely located staff working from home
reducing waste  
  • electronic filing management systems are implemented and printing is discouraged
  • unavoidable publications are designed to be as small as possible
  • supplies are bought in bulk, recycled and individual wrappings avoided where possible
  • paper and kitchen-based recycling is practiced
utilising less energy  
  • energy efficiency is a criterion for appliance purchase
  • natural light is maximised reducing artificial lighting, any artificial lighting is energy efficient
  • we purchase low energy equipment with standby enabled and turn equipment off when out of use
raising awareness and actions to reduce emissions  
  • staff awareness campaigns highlight our organisational commitment to emission reductions with easy to follow actions
  • marketing mediums also highlight the importance of climate change awareness and actions to reduce emissions

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