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  Dr. Elizabeth Saxon - Director, Consulting Division
Principal Tourism Analyst (Projects)

Elizabeth Saxon holds a doctorate in sustainability assessment in tourism and has 8 years experience in sustainable tourism projects.


She has worked:

with ecotourism operators to develop sustainability assessment indicators and frameworks;
in the tertiary education sector developing and delivering undergraduate and masters level courses in environmental management and ecotourism;
at senior levels in environmental management in local government; and
in sustainable tourism planning and policy at the state government level.

 Elizabeth is currently Director of Tony Charters and Associates’ Consulting Division, where she plays a key role in proposal development, project management and  team coordination.

Elizabeth Saxon

As Principal Tourism Analyst (Projects) she also provides specific expertise and input where required into:

  • sustainable tourism planning and policy,
  • environmental planning and policy,
  • developing triple bottom line reporting frameworks and sustainability indicators for tourism,
  • resource and environmental economics,
  • stakeholder engagement, advocacy and partnership development,
  • social research and impact assessment,
  • facilitation and mediation, and
  • environmental education, training and interpretation.
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