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  Jim Gall - Architect

Jim Gall


Jim has over 20 years experience in architecture and design building on his background in environmental science. Jim was a director of Gall & Medek Architects for 15 years before forming Gall Architects in 2011. His project experience covers urban design, landscape design, architecture, interiors and furniture design, all approached from a sustainability perspective.

A major part of his work and ongoing explorations, is sustainable and affordable (the two go together) housing. Projects in this area vary from individual houses with specialized requirements, through multi-residential projects at varying socio/economic levels, to the development of housing typologies for large urban planning projects. At all these scales he has not only designed but also developed design guidelines/controls.

Many of Jim's housing projects have been given architecture and sustainability awards by the Australian Institute of Architects and other organisations.

Along with and complimenting his design work, Jim has good graphic, written and verbal communications skills. These skills have proved valuable during the design process and for the presentation of design outcomes. He has authored a number of papers, taught at the Queensland University of technology, the University of Queensland and the Queensland College of Art, and presented at conferences and competitions.

Jim was a founding member of the management committee of the Centre for Subtropical design and has an ongoing relationship with the Centre. He is also an Adjunct Professor at the Faculty of Built Environment and Engineering at QUT



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