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  Costas Christ - Sustainable Tourism

Costas Christ

Costas Christ is an internationally recognized expert on sustainable tourism and serves as the Chairman of the World Travel and Tourism Council - Tourism for Tomorrow Awards. He is a contributing editor and columnist for National Geographic Adventure magazine and is President of the Adventure Council, an organisation dedicated to promoting tourism that also helps to protect the cultural and natural heritage of our planet. His travels and work have taken him to more than 100 countries and six continents.

He is a founding member and former Chairman of the Board of The International Ecotourism Society and served as a Senior Director for Ecotourism at Conservation International in Washington DC, where he supervised tourism development projects in 22 countries.

In addition to his monthly column in National Geographic Adventure, Costas' articles and essays on travel and tourism have appeared in numerous publications, including the International Herald Tribune, New York Times, and Sunday Times of London. He is the lead author of Tourism and
Biodiversity: Mapping Tourism Global Footprint and a contributing author in
Wilderness: Earth's Last Wild Places and has appeared many times on television and radio, including CNN, BBC, National Public Radio, CBS, ABC, and NBC. He is a frequent keynote speaker at major international tourism conferences and has designed and launched several tourism training programs.

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