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  Bill Carter - Environmental Tourism

Dr R.W (Bill) Carter is the academic advisor for environmental tourism at The University of Queensland.  Before entering academia, Bill worked in Queensland parks, notably Brisbane Forest Park, before consulting in the areas of tourism and conservation planning and management throughout the Asia Pacific region.  Bill’s research focus continues to have an environmental perspective, especially in the related area of cultural tourism.  He has recently firmly re-established his park links with major involvement in NSW and Victoria’s assessment of management for state of the parks reporting and the use of adaptive learning in management.  Bill’s tourism related experience has been oriented towards product development based on resource use and consumer demand within the host community social and business context. 

Bill Carter

Eco Tourism Consultant Tourism Consultant Marketing Consultant Ecotourism Sustainable Tourism Destination Development Recreation Concept Design Advocacy and Stakeholder Engagement Public Private Partnership Development Market Research Analysis Social Economic Impact Assessment World Heritage Protected Areas Conservation

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